Kill log

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PreacherMk48 CCOjungl42m2024-07-24 17:54:18
Tanny M107Taras754m2024-07-24 16:37:26
Tanny M107sean530m2024-07-24 16:34:13
Taras---Tanny 172m2024-07-24 16:32:08
TarasBRDM-2Tanny 221m2024-07-24 16:23:11
Tanny MH-6J Little BirdMarcus102m2024-07-24 16:20:31
TarasDMRTanny 24m2024-07-24 16:10:26
Tanny AN2 Cargo PlaneTaras0m2024-07-24 16:05:43
Tanny AN2 Cargo PlaneTaras46m2024-07-24 15:55:05
Tanny L-159 ALCAPreacher0m2024-07-24 12:20:09
Tanny L115A2 LRRPreacher122m2024-07-24 12:12:28
AIAK-47M KobraMepll57m2024-07-24 06:59:45
AIMk48 CCOPIZZA THE HUTT211m2024-07-24 02:46:59
AIM24Domus16m2024-07-22 21:41:14
AISVD PSO Camo DayZDomus15m2024-07-22 21:24:36
AIM24Bondovich177m2024-07-21 18:51:39
AIAK-47M PSO-1doktor93m2024-07-21 16:48:52
AIM14 CCO Camodoktor55m2024-07-21 16:37:05
AIDMR DayZ Camodoktor68m2024-07-21 16:30:43
AIDMR DayZ Camodoktor66m2024-07-21 16:27:44

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