You can support the server. Every $1 is very important.

You can get:
- 🏠 custom base - 10€
- 🏠 empty box for your loot that only you can see. (10000 slots) - 2€/month

- 🟢 ready-made custom skins - готовые кастомные скины - galery - 2€
- 🔵 simple custom skin (placing inscriptions or pictures on basic skins) - 15€ forever. Example
- 🟣 complex custom skin (completely reworking the texture, for example: making a dress or a spiderman costume) - 50€ forever. Example

All skins for donation are protected and cannot be removed from your corpse by other players.

One-time donation:
Subscription to regular donations (you can customize it):

Donate link
Or p2p by email:
[email protected]

UAH Card: 5375 4112 0226 7642

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